Good shopping malls in Dubai

If you are ever planning on going to Dubai and need a place to shop the three places where I recommend you should go to do your  shopping when are in Dubai is The Dubai Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall and Mall of Emirates. Dubai mall is a nice and big mall. They have lots of stores. They also have brand name stores like Adidas, Aldo, Burberry and more. They have places to eat like fast food places and bakeries. Dubai Mall is open from Monday to Wednesday 10am to midnight and Thursday to Sunday 10am to 1am. The other big mall in Duabi is Dubai Outlet Mall which is an “outlet concept mall” from Dubai Outlet mall ( “One of its kind in Dubai” from Dubai Outlet mall ( This mall is open from Saturday to Wednesday From 10am to 10pm and Thursday to Friday it’s open from 10am to midnight. This mall also has places to shop and eat. They have places for kids to play like Chuck E Cheese. They have brand name stores like Hugo Boss, Guess and Calvin Klein.

Another good mall in Dubai to go to while you are there is Mall of Emirates. “The Mall of Emirates is one of the largest malls in the world” from Mall of Emirates ( This mall also has a lot of good fashion stores for men, women and children. They also have shops for jewelery,  watches, sportswear, household products and furniture. There also have optical shops where you could buy glasses either prescription or sunglasses. If you have lost your luggage then you could stop by Mall of Emirates to get everything you would need for your trip in Dubai. You could also buy suitcases so that you could take everything you have purchased in Dubai back with you. If you get hungry while  you are shopping you could stop by the food court and grab a snack or  have lunch. In Mall of Emirates they have restaurants, fast food places and also cafes. Inside of “Mall of Emirates they have a place called Ski Dubai which is an indoor skiing area in Dubai. It is very cold and you have to layer up before entering. It gives you a chance to ski in snow.” from Mall of Emirates ( In places like the UAE it does not snow because of how close it is to the equator the weather is generally hot. “If you do not know how to ski they also teach you how to ski if you are skiing for the first time or you what to improve your skiing skills.” from Mall of Emirates ( “They also have a snow bullet which is,you are zip lining over skiers and other people that are under you from one end of ski Dubai to the other. You are about 16 meters above the ground and the zip line is 150 metre long.” from Mall of Emirates ( Mall of the Emirates has a VOX Cinemas where you could watch movies. The VOX Cinemas open every day from 10 am to 1am.”Near the Mall of Emirates there is a hotel called Hilton Gardens Inn Mall of Emirates were you could stay for you trip to Dubai.” from Mall of Emirates ( on when you go to Dubai there are different kinds of events that take place in Mall of Emirates. The mall hours are from Thursday to Saturday the mall opens at 10am and close at midnight and from Sunday to Wednesday the mall opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.


Image 1 Source:Mall of the Emirates (

Image 2 Source:Mall of the Emirates (







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