screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-7-11-35-pm Going to Los Angeles is definitely a great spot to go if you are into an exciting nightlife, fancy restaurants, nice shopping and even nicer beaches. However, downtown LA is not at all what you are expecting. My last trip down there, I finally got why some people call it “Hollyweird” not Hollywood. Many weird things did happen while I was there, but many awesome things happened too. The last night I was there, was by far the weirdest.

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-7-12-35-pmThe new “IT” restaurant for anybody who is anybody is located in West Hollywood and is called The Nice Guy. You have to make reservations one-week in advance and make sure you look presentable because there are always paparazzi outside waiting. You have to check-in with a hostess outside, beside a sign that says “No Photos”, then enter a secret looking door into the restaurant. Very dark, very loud, very overrated and very overpriced. The only thing I truly enjoyed from my experience there was the free photo booth.


After dinner, we decided to stop by friends who live in downtown LA. They suggested we go to a shisha bar down the street from them. Driving and walking through downtown Los Angeles at night all you see is trash on the streets and unfortunately, many homeless people sleeping in tents on the sidewalk. A side of Hollywood I have never seen, out of my all 5 times visiting. In a span of walking one block, my mom got approached by a man who attempted to dance for her on our car and act like he was the star of a Magic Mike movie, while conducting non-existing traffic. While still confused at that, we look down the street to see a lady bolting downhill and backwards in a wheelchair using her feet to push herself faster. We all just got silent and continued walking because we did not know how to feel. Eventually, we laughed, however still slightly concerned. It was a great experience to encounter on our last night.


Hollywood is great if you’re looking for celebrities, Hollyweird is great if you’re looking for an extraordinary and different experience.




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