Haunted Tours Around the World

Pretty much every major city around the world has some sort of ghost tour so it was really hard to narrow this list down. So I have chosen a few tours (and one bonus location) that each provide something unique and is not just your standard walking tour.

The Real Mary King’s Close


Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Length: 1hr

Cost: starting at £14.50 ($23.82) for adults

Travel underground with a costumed guide based on a past resident of Mary King’s Close. Learn about the deadly history of the Close and the many ghosts that reside there. Bring a toy for little Annie and it is said that she’ll join the tour group!

Learn more here http://www.realmarykingsclose.com/

McGee’s Ghost Tours of Prague


Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Length: 75min – 3hrs

Cost: starting at €14 ($19.63) for adults

McGee’s provides 4 separate separate tours to the most haunted locations in Prague; including Prague Castle, Old Town Hall’s underground chambers and a mental asylum. On the tours you get to see Prague’s amazing architecture and learn some of the history of the city. The Mental Asylum Graveyard Tour also provides a paranormal investigation.

Learn more here http://www.mcgeesghosttours.com/

The Rose Hall Great House


Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Length: NA

Cost: $20 for adults

With one of the most captivating and mysterious stories on this list, Rose Hall Great House was once home to a witch with black magic. This lead to the deaths of her three husbands and multiple lovers. Both the day and night tours have won multiple trip advisor awards and provides a fun a different outing during your stay in Jamaica.

Learn more here https://www.rosehall.com/

Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Location: Louisville, USA

Length: day: 1 1/2-2hrs night: 4-8hrs

Cost: starting at $25 for adults

The Sanatorium provides multiple public and private tours as well as a special photography tour that gives you time to set up your equipment and take your time getting the perfect picture. You can also choose between the regular daytime historical and paranormal tours or come back at night to take part in paranormal investigations.

Learn more here https://www.therealwaverlyhills.com/

Ghost Bus


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Length: 2hrs 15min

Cost: €28 ($39.26) for adults

To take part in this tour you must first brave the haunted house set up on the first level of the double decker tour bus. Then be entertained by theatrical performances as the bus takes you and drops you off at various haunted locations across Dublin, such as Dublin Castle.

Learn more here https://www.dublinsightseeing.ie/Ghostbus/index.aspx

Bonus: Keg Mansion


Location: Toronto, Canada

Length: However long it takes you to eat

Cost: Depends on what you order

Not a tour, but I found it amusing that one of the most haunted locations in Toronto is now a Keg Steakhouse. Many ghosts have been spotted at the mansion especially around the main staircase and the women’s bathroom. The staff keeps a log book about any ‘events’ that happen there so try asking them

by Lauren Powell


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