Falling asleep as you look outside to see the moon shinning down on the water that surrounds the boat. Not being able to see any land around you as the waves crash onto the side of the boat only to wake up 7 house later to the sounds of birds chirping and the beautiful view of the country you have just docked at. In the matter of hours, you have travelled miles and miles away only to start another journey in a different country within 24 hours.


It’s a whole other world on a cruise. A world that moves country to country while you’re at the casino, eating sundaes by the pool, or even as crazy as this might sound skating (yes, Royal Caribbean’s Allure Of The Seas has a skating rink on deck 4). An experience of a life time as they scan your ID card (aka your sea-pass) and you walk through the front entrance with your eyes wide open to the amazement and beauty of the ship. Looking around at people’s reactions as their jaws drop.


Not only is the cruise ship amazing but with any cruise, the ship will port at the heart of the country. You will stop at the most beautiful places with scenery that you’ll believe is fake at first until they tie-down the ship to the dock and you step outside onto yet another country. Able to experience the beauty, food and culture of that country.
img_2339A cruise can be relaxing or quit tiring due to all the travelling you’re doing in such little time and thats the beauty of a trip like this. You get to take control of your adventures. Where you explore and what you’ll do when you dock. Its an experience that I believe everyone should encounter at least once in their life time. After my 3 cruises and exploring 11 different countries/ islands throughout those 3 cruises I think its safe to say my cruising days have only just begun.

  • Sage Monteiro

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