Top 5 Road-trip Destinations in Ontario

Most would look to schedule a flight or a road trip to the States looking for an adventure. What they don’t realize is there are perfect road trip opportunities that won’t nearly cost as much and are only a couple of hours away from their home. Whether it is winter, summer or even fall or spring, whatever the weather, Ontario has a lot to offer for everyone. Here is a list of 5 road trip destinations in Ontario.

So what are you waiting for? You only have to pack up your car and drive.

For the Outdoors Man

  1. Tobermory

approx. 4hrs from Toronto


Tobermory has so many sights that you have to see, it’s hard to do it in just one trip. Camping spots get booked up early in advanced but it is the best way to explore the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The Grotto and Flowerpot Island should be on the top of you list to go see. Bring a bathing suit because you’ll want to swim in the clear blue water or cliff jump.

For the Cottage Goer

  1. Muskoka Region

approx. 2/3hrs from Toronto


Muskoka offers so many lakes to stay by. In the summer, you can fish, paddle board, kayak and canoe. During winter, Muskoka offers skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and dog sledding. It may be hard to go when you or a friend don’t have a cottage but with the opportunity to stay at an Air Bnb, you’ll want to book off the whole week at work.

For the Beach Bum

  1. Kincardine or Picton

approx. 3hrs from Toronto


Kincardine and Picton are in two separate directions from Toronto. Kincardine is located by Lake Huron and has perfect beaches and small cottages. Picton is on the way to Kingston. You couldn’t tell it was located by Lake Ontario because of the beautiful Sandbank beach. Don’t forget to pack a towel and some sunscreen because you’ll want to be at these beaches all day.

For the Snow Lover

  1. Collingwood

approx. 2hrs from Toronto 


Blue Mountain is located northwest of Collingwood but offers an amazing weekend getaway or a one night stay. Blue Mountain is a ski resort that offers lodging, golfing, a waterpark and spa. The activities are endless and perfect for when you need a break from work in the winter. The mountain offers terrain for beginners or the risk takers. Just grab a bag and get on the hills.

For the Music Junkie

  1. Oro-Medonte

approx. 2hrs from Toronto


Oro-Medonte you say? If you have ever driven pass the area on your way to somewhere else, you’ll only see never ending landscapes. During the summer though, Oro-Medonte holds two huge music festivals:

Boots and Hearts which offers the opportunity to see country artists or Wayhome, a mishmash of all sorts of artists, you’ll never know who you’ll see. Both events last 3 days and offer camping, if you like to rough it* or will taxi you to the nearest hotel.

*Showers optional

After this list, we hope we have inspired you to go explore.

Happy Adventuring!




disclaimer: credit for pictures goes to photographers. pictures are not my own.


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