Travelling with kids could be fun, too..

Hello again,

Experience the world, keep travelling!

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Travelling with kids could be fun, too… Look at the top picture of my kids (First two boys from the left) in Tivoli, Denmark…

Yes, after all long miles that I did with my three kids, that’s what I think…

This is a scene from my trip to Norway in a caravan for 20 days and look how happy they are just by exploring nature… Norway and caravan camping is one of the best options to go with kids

Many people prefer to travel without kids or just to wait for them to grow up so that they will have more fun from the trips… But I learned from all my family trips to different parts of the world that life is much better with the kids even on the roads. It makes the family come closer and feel some exquisite moments that cannot be felt any other way…

Of course, there are things you should be careful about when you are travelling with babies or kids…

This one was in Venice just in front of Saint Mark’s Basilica One of the top ten places to visit but sometimes the only thing you want to picture is the happy kids!

  • Make sure you are packing clothes for all weather conditions…
  • Some emergency medicine would be great. Talk to your doctor first but I personally prefer some pain killers and antipyretics.
  • If your child has a favourite toy, make sure you have it somewhere!
  • Some card games will help during the journeys, too
  • Baby-Stroller has always been my number one item to take. I know it’s big and difficult to carry but trust me you will see that I’m right as soon as your kid decides not to walk or sleep on the way. It is impossible to carry them all the way around no matter how muscular you are…
  • Make sure you are adding a theme park or a zoo in to your to go list: Let’s be honest we adults like them too

Another photo of my kids having fun in Salzburg right after visiting a Mozart museum


Sometimes we think they won’t get enough fun… Actually, they find a way to entertain themselves.

Try a Wiking hat in Edinburgh and have smiling face…



 Not without Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) of course….

Life is better with them….Take as much photo of them as you can there is no better time to have a look at them after the trip…

I can’t wait to plan another trip with them..


Asuman Guran




2 thoughts on “Travelling with kids could be fun, too..

    1. Thank you Brenda,
      As a mother I didn’t want to postpone my travel desire just because of having three kids and it turned out really well… They became a global citizen and can already speak two languages fluently…The third one is on the way just like the new plans to see some new places ✈️✈️✈️


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