Beautiful places to visit in the U.S.

Beautiful Places To Visit In The U.S.

Without a doubt that the most recognized country in the world is the United States, known for its history, landmarks and success in entertaining the world. Moving on, this country has built itself the most gorgeous landmarks that would make you awe in amazement. Here are just a few.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

DCF 1.0
Photo retrieved from Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon is located in Navajo, Arizona. The landmark consist of two seperate areas that are individually referred to “Upper Antelope Canyon” or “The Crack”. This magnificent masterpiece was formed by the erosion of flash floods, rainwater and strong winds that have carved what it is today. Now why should you visit this place?simple, its a natural work of art and I don’t think you would want to miss it.

The Wave, Arizona

Photo by Jakub Jasinki

While we are still in the subject of Arizona, there is another magnificent place you can visit that’s also a desert like artwork, and that’s The Wave. Some insight about The Wave, it’s located in the Coyote Buttes north in the Arizona strip. According to TheWave.Info, the best time to take photos is during midday to minimize any extensive shadows.  However, just make sure that if you decide to go you get yourself a permit to see The Wave.

Maroon Bells, Colorado

Photo retrieved from

Moving on, we’re going to take a look at Maroon Bells located in Colorado. This landmark consists of a reflective lake with two giant mountaintops. Intense colors can be magnified during any season through the year making this place a peaceful dream that brings you nothing but pure bliss. Note that this place praised as the most photographed place in Colorado. 

Lake Tahoe, California

Photo By Mick Roessler

Last, but not least is Lake Tahoe based in California. Almost like Maroon Bells, this landmark has its intense hues of colors but this time its focused on its beautiful blue waters. Lake Tahoe is famous for its waters blueness. Judging by the pictures and peoples experience it seems that it must be wonderful to be here.

By: Maria Africa.





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