Egypt is More than Just the Desert and Camels

When most people think of Egypt, they automatically assume desert, camels and the pyramids. Although, you can find all of that in Egypt, you can find way more. At the end of 2009, before the revolution I visited Egypt. It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. The food is amazing, the sightseeing is amazing, the shopping is amazing and the people there are so warm and welcoming. I am going to let you in on just a couple of my favourite memories out of the many.


While I was there I visited many different areas including Cairo and Alexandria. Alexandria is beautiful, the view of the Mediterranean Sea is outstanding, you feel like you can sit there for hours on end with not a single worry in the world. There are restaurants on the sea where you can enjoy a delicious fresh seafood meal, with a great view. I have never seen anything similar to it.

Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, taken by me.

The most anticipated place I was excited about going to in Egypt was definitely seeing the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. I was in shock at how unbelievable and beautiful they were; I could not grasp the idea of something so great could be built by us humans. While there I got to also ride a camel and climb up a couple steps of the pyramids. You’re allowed to go inside the pyramids too, but I am a little claustrophobic so I didn’t go. However, I heard it’s amazing, getting to see all of the ancient hieroglyphics.

One of the Pyramids, taken by me. 

Egypt is one of the most stunning places to visit. You can do everything from climbing the pyramids to visiting a museum of ancient Egyptian history to even riding on a boat, blasting music along the Nile river. Everyone you meet will greet you with a warm smile and love. Although it has been 8 years, I remember everything vividly and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Skyline of Cairo, taken by me. 

Sabrina Saudin


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