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Hidden Destinations

Sometimes when you are traveling, you want to go somewhere hidden, private. It provides a sense of excitement. These following locations have been hidden and your one of the lucky few who get to experience their wonders.

Social Pool

Location: Mojave Desert, California, USA

hidden pool

In 2014 artist Alfredo Barsuglia created a pool, free for anyone to use, and hid it in the Mojave Desert. In order to gain access to the pool you must first go to the MAK Center for Art in West Hollywood to pick up the key and a set of coordinates to get to the location. However, I was disappointed to find out that, possibly due to leaked information, the pool was vandalized and is currently not in use. Fortunately the pool is currently under repair and will open again.

To learn more about the Social Pool:

To learn more about the reactivation project:

Derinkuyu Underground City

Location: Cappadocia, Turkey

hidden city, underground city

In 1963 a Turkish man knocked down his basement wall to make room for renovations. He instead discovered a secret entrance to the 18-storey underground city of Derinkuyu. The city is only one of many located in Turkey and tours are available.

Learn more about the city:

See what tours you can take:

Fairy Bridge (Xian Ren Qiao)

Location: Buliu River, China

hidden bridge

Although, it’s easily one pf the largest natural bridges on earth, the Fairy Bridge went on virtually unknown until 2009 when it was spotted on Google Earth. The bridge is only accessible by water and you can take a bamboo raft trip, starting a little ways downstream from the bridge.

Learn more about the tour here:

by Lauren Powell


One thought on “Hidden Destinations

  1. Great places!
    I have had the chance to visit Derinkuyu Underground City and was literally amazed by both history and the story of the tunnels so deep down…


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