Maui, Hawaii: A Piece of Paradise

I could write endlessly of all the incredible views and places to see on just ONE of the islands of Hawaii but for this blog posting I will just talk about:

 The Road to Hana.


The Road to Hana is a 103.6 km drive on winding roads that starts at Kahului and ends at Hana. The highway to Hana consists of an approximate 600 curves and 59 bridges.

The endless drive is offers a breath taking view of the ocean while surrounded by a jungle of flora, bamboo stalks and trees. The road will take you to beautiful black sand beaches and tumbling waterfalls. You can either go on a tour to Hana or drive yourself. Driving yourself gives you the opportunity to stop whenever you want and it is amazing if you rent a convertible or a jeep with the tops down.

I suggest waking up early in the morning to start. You can stop at Hana Bay Picnic Co. in Paia on your way to Hana to get some drinks and sandwiches for lunch. A CD is recommended to guide you through the road to Hana, it will instruct you to stop at certain mile markers to get the best views and see the best spots.

The Garden of Eden will be one of your stops, it is well known for being the opening scene in the film Jurassic Park. It is filled with native and rare plant species and the beautiful rainbow eucalyptus trees.

Waianapanapa State Park is where you will find the black sand beach and sea caves. There are areas to sit and eat and the parking lot is always packed.

The guide will stop you at numerous tumbling waterfalls and pools, usually a small hike into the jungle. One waterfall that is most rewarding is through a bamboo forest called Na’ili’ili Haele Stream and Waterfalls. It is a very long hike past streams and many waterfalls. The bamboo forest is another trip all together as the hike requires caution and enjoying the views can take up most of the day.

So now that you’ve read about some of the things that you can see on just the Road to Hana, it is time that you see it for yourself.

If Hawaii is not on your Bucket List, you better grab a pen and add it to it now.

Happy Adventuring!




Picture is from National Geographic.


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