The Travel Bucketlist


A country filled with food, art and beauty who wouldn’t want to visit this museum. Enjoy some penne alla vodka while riding on a gondola ride through Venice. After that see the beautiful work of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chape at the TheVatican. Not to mention visit the beaches lively-dock-venice-italyespecially the one in Tropea, Calabria looking like something taken out of a painting. The culture alone is something to experience.




For an adventure Australia would be the ultimate playground. Starting off with the Great Barrier Reef 2,300km of coral and marine life who wouldn’t want to see that? A country surrounded by water makes for some great scenery as you drive on the Great Ocean Road. A road along the edge of the country with beautiful scenery of waves crashing. Not only is the scenery amazing but I hear they have kangaroos and other cool creatures which is a nice change from seeing Canadian Geese day in and day out here in Toronto. reef-dreaming

Bora Bora:

Why? Answer is beaches. Bora Bora is probably the most known country when it comes to beaches in the entire world. The water is crystal clear, blue and turquoise making it great for snorkelling and scuba diving with sharks and sting rays which is an attraction in Bora Bora alongside their turtles. When visiting its essential to get a hut on the water. Walking up surrounded by that water is an experience all in itself.




Riding around on elephants, taking boat rides in these little wooden crafts and tasting foods that will have you wanting more should be enough to want to visit this gorgeous country. With great sculptures and artifacts such as the The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw and Ayutthaya in Bangkok this country expresses its culture out in the open. This country is a must on my list.phi-phi-island-thailand_32963_600x450.jpg

  • Sage Monteiro

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