Top 10 attractions in Canada

1) Gros Morne National Park:


Gros Morne National Park is very important geologically, because of the ancient rocks that helps people understand how the oceans and continents were created.

2) Calgary Stampede:


The Calgary Stampede is one of the most famous rodeos in the world.

3) Victoria’s Inner Harbour:


Victoria’s Inner Harbour on Vancouver Island is an awesome place to visit. The water on one side and stately government buildings on the other since Victoria is the capital of British Columbia.

4) Bay of Fundy:

image 4 .jpg

The Bay of Fundy is located in the Atlantic coast which is very famous for its high tidal range.

5) Athabasca Falls:


Jasper National Park in the Alberta province is the largest of Canada’s Rocky Mountain Parks boasting broad valleys.

6) Churchill:

image 6.jpg

The Churchill draws huge crowds every year to see its most famous inhabitants, the polar bears whivh is one of the top attractions in Canada.

7)Niagara Falls, Ontario:


One of the wonders of the world Niagara falls is located in Canada. Which is soo beautiful to look at.

8) The Canadian:


Travellers who are looking for a relaxing way to cross Canada may want to consider the train it is Connecting from Toronto and Vancouver known to be one of the world’s more famous train rides.

9) Vieux-Quebec:

image 99.jpg

Vieux-Québec or also known as old quebec is an historic destination in Quebec City.

10)Moraine Lake:

Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies

Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed places in western Canada.









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