Top 6 Places to Grab A Bite in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of fun and adventurous things to do. However, the different restaurants to choose from is a difficult choice to make. Whether you want something quick but delicious for lunch, a more expensive meal with paparazzi waiting outside at night, or even just a quick dessert place, I have a few suggestions that you would want to keep into consideration!

  1. In N Out Burger. From their secret menu to their delicious milkshakes, there’s no reason to NOT like it. Even if you don’t like burgers, one bite into their cheeseburger and suddenly you’ll love them.

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  1. Saddle Ranch. If you are into succulent buffalo chicken, giant cotton candy, making your own s’mores, great music and mechanical bulls…Saddle Ranch is a must. The environment alone will make you want to stay all night and all of the staff are great. If you go, you need to ride the bull, no ands, ifs or buts.
  1. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. In 1975 this amazing California based restaurant opened and is a well-known place to eat. Fried chicken and waffles sounds to like an odd combo, but as soon as you take that first bite you will suddenly realize why it has been around for 42 years. LIFE CHANGING! And Obama eats there, no big deal.
  1. Mr Chows. Anybody who is anybody eats at this expensive but appetizing restaurant in Beverly Hills. Even though a bottle of water of $20, it costs $7 for them to slice a cake that you brought in yourself. It is completely worth it because the food tastes so authentic and flavourful. Oh, and the paparazzi waiting outside and all of the luxury cars is kind of cool too.


  1. Sprinkles. 25 Flavours of FRESH cupcakes. Enough said.
  1. Buca di Beppo. A family style authentic Italian restaurant in Universal City Walk. They take you through the kitchen to get to your table. The atmosphere is amazing and the food is amazing, therefore making the whole experience super amazing. The best part is their Colossal Brownie Sundae, it is bigger than my head.

There you have it, my top 6 favourite places to grab a bite when I am in L.A.

You can thank me later. Enjoy!

By: Sabrina


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