Summer in Winter

Summer in Winter

First of all, amazing news:

NASA has just explained that there are more earth like planets in the universe….

It takes a while (around 39 light-years) to get there though…

So, let’s focus on our planet and give it the value it deserves and see where else can we go especially in the winter time in Canada….

Do you also miss summer in winter and winter in summer? I think it’s basic human nature to say so. There are a lot of places we can plan to go in the winter to have some hot sunny break.

The Caribbean Islands are the most popular one. Barbados and Turks and Caicos could be choice. It would be great if I can go now right away just to have a moment to listen to myself and get more energy to finish school work!

Turks and Caicos



Maldives are also a remote place to have some privacy in a gorgeous sea, sun sand area. Velaa Private Island is a must to see place definitely… Can you imagine to have tour own island for a while as king or queen of the place? Some childhood dream can come true.


How about Great Barrier Reef in Australia? Maybe You will find Nemo this time…You can swim, snorkel, dive and sail the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. It is said to be a living masterpiece so big it can be seen from outer space.



These are my suggestions so far right before we start to travel on interstellar galaxy roads….  

Asuman Guran


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