Top 3 Favourite Trips

3. Portugal

As someone who grew up with a Portuguese family I was extremely excited to visit where my father, aunts, uncles and grandparents grew ude00cb_b4e4d642e1f0423eade7f1df48a47683.jpgp. If you want to experience a taste of Europe, Portugal is the place to visit. What made the trip extremely memorable for me was visiting the little towns with cobble stone roads a
nd visiting family I’ve never met before but I did do some take on a tourist role as well. Visiting the “Furnas” which is a beautiful hot water springs on the islands of Portugal, watching a live soccer game between Portugal and Egypt and going beach hopping to beaches with beautiful black sand and large waves.

2. Cuba

If you want an affordable and gorgeous place to visit, Cuba is the place for you. Having been there multiple times when going back for the 4th time with my cousins had been an eye opener for me that Cuba is a country of beauty. After arriving in Cuba for march break and enjoying the resort and the beach with massive waves which we all enjoyed we decided on the 3rd day to head out to Havana, the capital of Cuba. A city filled with old colourful cars and buildings, looking like something out of a movie.Just the dive alone was amazing. vintage-cars-old-havana-cuba-cr-michael-petitImagine driving in a 1948 chevy topdown on a road that is right on the edge of the island watching the water flow side to side. That night we meat a taxi driver that took us to a private restaurant in the middle of no-where called “Jesus’s Restaurant” built by a local family. Let me tell you, the restaurants food lived up to its name. Overall a trip that ill always have good memories of.

  1. Allure Of The Seas Cruise

My 2nd cruise has had to be one of my favourite trips of all time. As someone who loves to travel and visit new countries to go exploring in and on this cruise there were 5 ports in total. A total of 9 family members and myself  Flew to Puerto Rico then sailed to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados. Imagine everyday sailing at night but waking up in another country. Visiting the main attractions in that country all day. Exploring a new culture a new CRUISING1.jpgenvironment with different people and scenery. Alongside that we were staying on a state of the art ship, which at the time (2015) was the largest in the world.




By: Sage Monteiro


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