Best Places In Canada For Outdoor Activities

Although fairly less populated than the United States, Canada is known as one of the biggest countries in the world in terms of its land size which ranks second just before Russia. With a huge landscape, there’s bounds to be beautiful areas one can visit to, and we will help you pull ideas on where your next trip in Canada should be.

Canmore, Alberta

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Located along the Canadian Rockies, the towns landscape is surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty . So what activities can you do in Canmore?, Hiking. In fact just outside of Canmore has the best hiking opportunities for you, during your hike you can visit mountain vistas, pristine rivers, streams, waterfalls and lakes, what’s even better is after you explore you can visit local pubs and restaurants to end the day and relax.

Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail Biking
Photo Retrieved From Cycle Nova Scotia

If you like biking, Cabot Trail located in Nova Scotia is a great place for you. It’s a 300 km road carved around the Cape Breton Highlands  and most can describe the landscape with oceanic views and highland scenery. You can also do much more outdoor activities with just you an your family, this includes Golfing, Kayaking, hiking and even whale watching. It’s a beautiful and scenic area that doesn’t hold back, you should definitely stop by and visit!

Tofino, British Colombia

SJP-42_chestervan 1000x700_0
Photo Retrieved From TourismTofino

Surfs up! Summer just around the corner and if you are ever in dire need to look for a summer getaway quick, then Tofino is the right place for you. Tofino is an exciting beach that allows you Kayak, Canoe, Whale watch and surf. So if you ever want to relax and enjoy outdoor activities, Tofino is a definite option for you.


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