Top 10 attractions in the US

  1. Yellowstone is a national park :

us _1.png

occupying three states in the USA – Wyoming, Montana  and Idaho. It is also known as the world’s first national park. Many species of animals and plants exist here. The national park is known for its Geysers and the hydrothermal system.

2. Mount Rushmore National Memorial:


situated in Keystone, South Dakota. Faces of four American Presidents- George WashingtonThomas JeffersonTheodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore. About three million people visit this destination each year.

3) Grand Canyon:


is a naturally formed steep side canyon, which was carved by the erosion and sedimentation of the Colorado River. It has been proposed that millions of years of carving have created this magnificent sight. It is roughly about 29 km wide and 6093 feet in depth.

The Empire State building:


is a 102 skyscraper situated in Manhattan, New York. It served as the tallest building for a period of 40 years until the World Trade Center was built. It is currently the 29th tallest building in the world, with a height of 445m.

5)Statue of Liberty :


stands majestically on Liberty Island, New York City. She is the Roman Goddess, Libertas. The Statue was gifted by the French to establish peace between the nations and also a token of abolishing slavery.

6)White House:


is the official residence and workplace of the American President. It has been so ever since John Adams in 1800. It is situated in Washington D.C., and is composed of six stories. Currently the 45th President of USA, President Trump resides there.

7)Located in Nevada:


Located in Nevada, Las Vegas is one the most popular tourist destinations in the USA. On average, 8-9 million people visit this spot. It is mostly known for its nightlife, which consists of casinos, fine dining and shopping. It is also known as the World’s Entertainment Capital.

8)The Golden State Bridge:


is a suspension bridge linking San Francisco bay and the Pacific Ocean. Opened in 1937, it spans to 4200 feet. It was named after the Golden Strait which runs between these two points.

9)The Times Square:


It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. The annual ball drop on New Year’s Eve is an event to watch out here.

10) The Lincoln Memorial:

Untitled.pngis situated in Washington DC. It was built to honour Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of USA. The statue of Lincoln is one of the prominent figures in this place. Roughly at about 19 feet tall with Lincoln being seated.




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