Traveling Quebec

For those who know me, they know that for 5 years I lived in Quebec. During that time I had the opportunity to travel all over the province. These are the areas I travelled to, and that you should definitely check out.


I lived directly across the river form Oka, in Hudson, and there is a ferry that goes between the two towns. My family and I would go over to Oka and ride our bikes on the many bike paths around the area.


And of course, this town is famous for it’s cheese, and while the cheese is no longer made by the monks of Oka, you can stay in and tour the original Oka Abbey (Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac).


There are tons of sites to see in Montreal but these are my top areas.

-St. Catherine’s Street: The shopping district of Montreal and home to the Just for Laughs festival during the summer.

-Old Montreal (Old Port): There are many restaurants and tourist stops in this area. It is also home to the Montreal Science Centre, the Cirque du Soleil tent and the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. Old Port is also home to a winter festival where you can ride down an ice slide and eat maple syrup snow candy.

Montreal 038.JPG

-Mont Royal: A bit of a hike but allows you to get a stunning view of the city.

Montreal 055

Quebec City

The province’s capital is rich in culture and history but these are two must see attractions.

-Winter Carnival: One of the biggest festivals in Quebec, celebrating all things winter with skating, skiing, snow sculptures, parades, ice baths and more. Although separate from the Carnival, around the same time you can book a stay at the Hotel de Glace, an entire hotel where everything from the rooms, to the beds, to the glasses at the bar is made from ice.


(I never got to go to Quebec City in the Winter, but I hope I’ll one day have the chance. Above pictured is Bonhomme Carnival, the mascot for the festival)

-La Citadelle de Quebec: A military fortress and an active garrison. There you can tour the grounds visit the museum and witness  the Changing of the Guard by the Royal 22nd Regiment.

quebec city 032


An unexpected trip for my family, past Quebec City, further up the St. Lawrence river we went camping and whale/seal watching. Unfortunately on our second night, our tent started leaking and we had to stay in a hotel.

summer 2012 022

(Horses by our campsite)

summer 2012 041

(The best picture I could get of a seal or whale)

by Lauren Powell


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