How NOT to tan on Vacation

Some people love soaking up the sun… and then some don’t. Some may even be allergic to the sun!

No fear! We have created a guide on how NOT to tan on vacation.

One tip is to pack sun hats such as the ladies below are wearing! They help a lot, from covering you ears to covering your shoulders without the use of sunscreen, awesome eh?


Another tip, is one many people know and hate because its so oily and it smells funny. Here it is…..dun….dun…..DUUUNNN. Yep, its SUNSCREEN. Although many of us hate it, we all know we need it unless we want to be burnt to shreds which is not cute.


To bad its not as fun to apply as this picture is implying.


Anyways, on to our next tip. Take shelter, who said staying in the shade was a bad idea I mean usually its air conditioned?

Consumer shade Copyright.jpg

Look at all that beautiful space, so many possibilities. Will you have a picnic? nap? watch Netflix? SO MANY OPTIONS!

Another option is to not go on vacation, and be as boring as this plain bagel with plain cream cheese.. you’ll be a plane Jane who doesn’t do anything.o-CREAM-CHEESE-facebook


(Not that anything is wrong with that). Stay in, binge watch Netflix..we aren’t judging. But seriously I hope this short guide helped you!


Sharnica & Sabrina.


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