Types of Friends You Travel With

Traveling can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Travelling with friends however can be considered as being a journey in itself. So where do you stand in all of this? Everyone plays a role while on vacation with your best pals, so what type of friend are you when travelling?


The Parent (Responsible One)

It’s 10:00pm and you know the person who will be telling your friend group that you should probably get to bed because you have a busy day tomorrow. The one who makes sure your diet doesn’t only include drinks and a bagel for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The one who triple checks the room to make sure that no one forgets a missing sock. The friend that has you waking up 3 hours before your flight to make sure the one friend who takes an hour and a half to get ready won’t make you late, and that at the airport you’ll be early and won’t be rushed. The Parent is the one who is your ball and chain when you’re out on   the town, but they are the one you know you can count on no matter what.

The Messy One

messyoneYou know that one friend who uses his underwear as a coaster for his drink from the bar. The one who leaves the bathroom looking like a small barn animal has been living in it for years. Somehow, some way the person rooming with them is the one who has OCD and loves a clean room. They have you cleaning up sand that they brought in from the beach, not just a little bit of sand, we’re talking enough to make a sandcastle. Personal space is an issue for them as well. Somehow your closet space becomes their closet space. Your bathroom space becomes their bathroom space. The messy one will have you feeling as if you’re one of the maids in the hotel, but you love em.


The Partier

party friendAt home if you’re spending the night in, you can expect a 3am facetime and words about how much they miss you. When you’re travelling with them, you can expect trying to find a cab at 3am and trying to direct driver to a hotel on a street you can’t pronounce and they’re passed out on the seat. How could you let your friend out go out on their own? Somehow they manage to wake up early to go tour but they won’t forget their 9am mimosa. Everywhere you go and eat, they turn it into a party. Every questioning look you give them when they order another drink at lunch, will guarantee the response: “It’s 5’oclock somewhere right?” Snack stop? They have got to try the foreign beer. Lunch? Shots. Dinner? Wine. And on their itinerary? All the hip clubs and bars. Then, The Partier does it all over again but they’ll never make you feel like you missed a night out on the town because you’ll be right there with them.


The Foodie

That one person you can count on for getting out of bed at 2am for a snack at the all-night buffet bar. Burgers and fries are acceptable at anytime of the day and no meal on vacation is complete with a trip to the ice cream bar, dessert is a must. They care more about the Instagram pictures they get of every plate rather than how much sunscreen they are applying through the day. If you see them at beach, at the pool or in the room they are guaranteed to have a plate of food next to them. If not, please contact the nearest hotel nurse because they have sunstroke from the lack of sunscreen they applied. The Foodie is one that will never have you traveling to the buffet line alone.

The Tourist

touristIn your group chat plans, you can bet they have listed off all of the museums, art galleries, historic buildings and sights they want to see. How will you fit it all in you wonder? You can bet they’ve packed travel guides and have already saved places on TripAdvisor which will be able to make it happen. Every attraction you pass you can expect their hands to be full of brochures. They will be using an actual map to navigate, not the GPS on their phone. After a restless short sleep in the hotel, you can bet you’ll hear their alarm go off at 6am ready to embrace the day because they have added more sights to see for the already packed day. The Tourist may have you walk so much that your FitBit will go off the charts to make sure you see every sight that is offered but hey, at least you can say you have been there.

If you say you can’t relate to this post one bit, then you’re either lying or you were the partier friend who had a little too much fun on vacation and can’t remember a thing.


By: Sage Monteiro & McKayla Robinson


Pictures are not our own. Credit goes to photographers.


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